Ali & Sons Co. LLC Sets up Dh45 million Glass Factory



Abu Dhabi, UAE, 25 May, 2006: Ali & Sons Company LLC, one of the largest conglomerates in Abu Dhabi, will launch the construction activities of a Dh45 million glass factory in Abu Dhabi's Industrial Area next month.

Once complete in mid-2007, the new Spectrum Glass Factory LLC will begin operations at a capacity of 400 thousand square meters. The plant will double its capacity in 2009 to reach 800 thousand square meters. More than 35 technical staff will operate the new processing facility, which will manufacture architectural glass covering these main process areas: Cutting line, grinding, drilling, and washing, screen printing and roller printing, tempering, heat strengthening and heat soak test, double glazing and laminating.

"Spectrum Glass Factory will provide new, valued added and competitive products to the architectural and decorative glass market in the UAE. It will benefit from the ongoing construction boom in the UAE and the GCC region as a whole," said Mr. Shames Al Dhahry, Managing Director of Ali & Sons Co. LLC.

"Our aim is to adopt global standards to meet all glass requirements in the region. Therefore, we will continue to invest substantial amounts of money to ensure higher level of quality and service required within the industry," he pointed out.
The primary objective of the plant is to support the local market by supplying glass products for the architectural segment. Later, it will cater to more complex architectural needs through a myriad of sophisticated and innovative designs, large product sizes and combinations of production processes.

Glass industry is experiencing tremendous growth due to massive construction boom in the UAE, as glass is one of the major materials required for the construction of residential, commercial and other establishments. Moreover, glass is a resource which can be recycled easily and cost effectively and is very eco-friendly. It is also one of the best man-made products which can be used several times without losing its quality and special glass minimizes air-conditioning costs and conserves energy. 

Ali & Sons Company LLC, which was established in 1979, manages the operations of 19 subsidiaries and associate companies in nine business sectors. The Group has a well established presence in the automotive, oil and gas supplies and services, merchant banking, contracting, wholesale, retailing, property management, manufacturing and information technology sectors.