Porsche Golf Cup Abu Dhabi 2014 victory sends top five to Majorca.



Porsche Golf Cup Abu Dhabi 2014 victory sends top five to Majorca. In the shadow of the all-new Porsche Macan, the top five golfing Porsche owners from Abu Dhabi have moved forward to the Porsche Golf Cup World Final, after beating hundreds of fellow amateur golfers from the Emirate. Organized by Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, Ali and Sons Company LLC, over 300 players took part in four initial qualifying rounds. A total of 27 competitors progressed to the local final at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club last Saturday (April 5). The top five players have now secured their spot in next month’s global competition taking place in Majorca, Spain.

Adding further excitement to the Abu Dhabi event was one of the first public displays of the new Porsche Macan, the world’s first sports car in the compact SUV segment. The model has been launched under the theme „Life, intensified„, a phrase which exemplifies what the Macan represents. The model’s attributes were showcased throughout the day as the golfers battled across five individual categories, qualifying for the ultimate amateur golf tournament on the Mediterranean island.

Among the men’s categories Ray Rice, Justin Allison, Mirko Brenzinger and Lian Findlay won their opportunity to compete in Majorca final while Yvette Heywood as the top-scoring Porsche owners in the ladies’ category.

Darren Abel, Head of Sales and Marketing, Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, Ali & Sons Co. LLC said: „It has been an incredible day for Porsche and our valued customers, especially those who have won their place in the Porsche Golf Cup World Final. Of course I am delighted for them and very much hope they go on to further success and bring the trophy back to the UAE.„

He added: „The close bond between Porsche and golf is already well established, but through events such as this one the connection continues to be strengthened in a hugely enjoyable manner. It has also been a privilege to have the new Macan on show, encouraging all the participants to increase their intensity on the course.„

The five victorious Porsche owners have now secured their competition spot in the Porsche Golf Cup World Final which will take place from the 6th until the 9th of May 2014. The annual event will see hundreds of finalists from Porsche Centres around the world congregate in Majorca to contest for a global prize. The tournament aims to continue the close sporting bond enjoyed by the legendary performance car manufacturer and the game of golf – a sport immensely popular amongst the brand„s loyal following.

The 2014 Porsche Golf Cup Abu Dhabi was hosted by Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, Ali & Sons Co. LLC, the sole distributor for Porsche in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.