Ali & Sons Co. formed a new venture



Ali & Sons Co. formed a new venture

“In today's day and age, the real estate industry is growing at an extraordinary pace. Every age there are yards of houses going up all over the place and being purchased and sold. The effect of this trend has been enormous and created the trend of people who are specialized in the Real Estate Industry.”

On 16 of March 2008, Ali & Sons Co. formed a new venture in name of DURAR AL EMARAT PROPERTIES LLC with the partnership of Durar Properties LLC and Ali & Sons Co. LLC, which will operate in Emirates of Dubai.

The company intends to flourish their capability in the field of real estate business in the Emirates of Dubai of buying/selling lands, constructing high rise towers, commercial units/residential flats and entering in a contract with properties & real estate companies to develop commercial/residential plots as well as buying and selling of real estate share in the Dubai share market.

Also it will act as a property management company, property leasing, property maintenance and feasibility study as and when there is a demand.

This venture is considered a corner step in Ali & Sons goals to get into the Real Estate Freehold markets.