Vacancy Detail

Required For Ali & Sons Co. LLC Motors
Job Title Auto Electrician - European car experienced
Job Code 40000132
Reporting To Foreman/Supervisor
Location Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
Responsibilities Service, identify and repair faults on electronically controlled vehicle systems such as electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, anti-lock braking, cruise control, automatic transmission, air bags and air-conditioning. Install electrical equipment such as battery, radiator fan, gauges, lighting, alternators and starter motors in vehicles. Install electrically operated accessories such as radios, heating or demisting equipment, air conditioners, driving lamps and anti-theft systems. Use meters, test instruments and circuit diagrams to find electrical faults. Adjust engine control systems and timing to make sure vehicles are running at peak performance. Test, recondition and replace faulty alternators, generators, starter motors and related items such as voltage regulators and batteries Repair or replace faulty ignition, electrical wiring, fuses, lamps and switches Install, repair and service air-conditioning systems. Perform such other duties as assigned by the Forman/Supervisor
Age 23- 30
Preferred Qualification & Skills High Diploma in electricity is required, Good hand coordination, Able to approach work in a systematic and thorough way, Technical aptitude.
Preferred Experience Minimum of three years of experience in a similar position
Post Date 10/10/2017