Healthcare Provider

Awazen Medical Centre

Focusing its presence in the health sector and weight management domain, Ali & Sons group has invested heavily in Awazen Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi, which is fast becoming popular not only among residents, but travelers visiting the UAE.

The Awazen Medical Centre is the perfect location for the entire family from dermatology to gynecology, family medicine, pediatrics, nutrition, dental, and surgery .The whole family can get the best physical care in one location.

Comprehensive services are provided by dieticians, trainers, doctors, dentists, and surgeons who are experts in their field, bringing you the most up-to-date approaches for full-body health and beauty.

Many state-of-the-art technologies are exclusively available at Awazen Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi, making the future of health and beauty available to you. Men and women alike fall in love with the Awazen Medical Center lifestyle, which offers modern solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

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